Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Organize Your Taskbar!

Organization is they key. So shouldn't this apply to your Windows taskbar too? Sometimes you want certain programs next to each other. While many programs let you do this through a little window, with the buttons move left, move right, or dragging and dropping in the window. But wouldn't it be nice, if we could literally drag and drop the actual item on the taskbar without any additional windows for free?

The following program is unnecessary for Windows 7 as the functionality of arranging the taskbar is already included. However, arranging the notification area is not included.

Taskbar Shuffle

For all Windows platforms with a taskbar (Windows 95 and newer)
Currently 32-bit Windows ONLY. 64-bit is not supported yet.

UPDATE! As of April 27, 2009, both 32-bit and 64-bit are now supported!

I'm surprised this wasn't built into Windows. Its so simple, yet so convenient.

It takes the tasbar items as browser tabs. Drag and drop them. Middle click will close the corresponding program. Just like browser tabs. Click on the following image to enlarge.

Group Shuffling too:

And don't forget... Tray Icon (Notification Area) shuffling too!
Tweak grouping and other elements of the taskbar.
I found the middle clicking to close the window or group to be extremely useful. Give it a try today! (Hosted on Freewebs)

There are many programs providing rearranging items on the taskbar, however, Taskbar Shuffle, is 100% free and allows you to literally drag and drop. Other programs are not free and/or use a window where you rearrange them, which isn't nearly as easy as Taskbar Shuffle. The development is a bit slow, however, the program works just as it should and is the best of its kind I've found. In addition, it only consumes around 7-8 MB of RAM while running. I highly recommend this for ALL Windows users. Its important and surprisingly was not built into Windows.

That's all folks for today! Please comment on tech as we need comments to improve on the tech guide. Don't hesitate to ask any questions. Thanks!
By - Freedomstar & Creastery™ 2009

Microsoft Powertoys - Virtual Destop Manager

Hi all, this is Creastery™ 2009 here posting here again. Before we start, please be warned that what I am going to share is only for Windows Xp Users.

I know that I have not talk about what I have promised in my earlier posts...I need to find time to prepare...

Note to all: We merely to write this blog to share information. If you encounter problems, please consult us but we would not hold responsibility if there is any damage to your computer.

Before you continue, ask these questions to yourself..
Do you like to have more workspace on your computer?
Do you like to multi-task when using the computer?

If the answers are yes..please continue reading.
If not, take note that this post is not really suitable for you.

Well..Is that possible and without virus? YES!
With the release of Microsoft Powertoys - Virtual Destop Manager, it is made possible.

Okay...back to topic. As the title says, I am going to talk about having multiple Virtual Destops.
Note before you continue, PowerToys only work with U.S. English regional settings.

With this program, you can manage up to four desktops from the Windows taskbar!
Click here to download (This is officially made by Microsoft)

After the download, run the executable file. Then choose the complete installation and then install. After the done message, it has completed.

Now, do a right click on the taskbar (The above picture shows an example of the toolbar.)
Select the options toolbars, now click Destop Manager. Now you are all done.
Let me explain the icons on the toolbar. (By right you should see something like the picture below.)

You can see the shortform (MSVDM)--Allows you to go to configuration faster.
You see a green button -- That's for viewing all 4 stations (default)
Then you see 4 buttons with 1,2,3,4 respectively -- They are the work station's number.
You can always change the wallpaper settings by selecting MSVDM settings to configure.
Also, you can change the shortcut keys.

That's all folks for today! Please comment on tech as we need comments to improve on the tech guide. Don't hesitate to ask any questions. Thanks!
By - Freedomstar & Creastery™ 2009