Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Request a Review Form

Is there a software product that you can't live without? How about one that you can't stand? Whether it is good or bad, want us to write a review about it? You can now make a request here. If you have trouble viewing the form, click here.

You will also write your own review of the product as part of this request. You can also choose to have your review published with our review.

Keep in mind the following:
  1. The software MUST be free of charge. If there is an upgraded paid version available, the free version must not have any upgrade nags.
  2. Of course, it must be malware free. It may be adware as many products may offer other products as well as display ads. That is okay.
  3. If we already reviewed the product, be sure there was at least one update since our last review of it.
The review format was taken from CNET Reviews.

Your review will not influence my review of it.

Your display name (which can be Anonymous) that you provide will be given credit for the review request. It will be publicly displayed. You may also choose to have that link to your website, blog, or profile.

If you truly didn't like or dislike anything about a product, please try to write something or a little comment. Otherwise, feel free to just write "None."