Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The "Cool" Way to Browse Media

The "Cool" way to browse Media, known as Cooliris, is now better than ever with Local file support (as of Version 1.10 released April 13, 2009)!

Download/Install here (browser detection).
List of all versions and browsers here.

Mozilla Add-ons Site Download/Install
Please be advised that the Mozilla Add-ons site often does not have the latest version.

Browsers and Platforms Supported:
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (Windows) (.xpi)
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (Mac) (.xpi)
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (Windows) (.xpi)
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (Mac) (.xpi)
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (Linux) (.xpi)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+ (Windows) (.msi)
Safari (Mac) (.zip)

What is Cooliris?
Its an add-on that lets you browse images and other media in an interactive full screen 3D wall. Now, you can also browse local files stored on your hard drive from within the 3D wall. To launch, simply click on the button created by the add-on or a button that appears when mousing over an image on a supported site, like Google Images, YouTube, or Facebook.

Once you click that, enjoy the full screen 3D wall of images, videos, web clips, local files, and more!

Search results, Facebook, Discover News Feeds from various sources, Local files, shopping, sharing, and more. When you click on an image, the add-on will load a clear preview of it. When you click on a video, you will be able to watch it right there (except those that do not allow embedding videos). Even watch a slideshow of the media with both video and images.

Version 1.10 adds support for Linux and adds local file browsing.

Note: This add-on was previously called PicLens.

Download and Install Cooliris here.

Next time, I will introduce "Cool Previews," another "cool" add-on by Cooliris Inc.

That's all folks for today! Please comment on tech as we need comments to improve on the tech guide. Thanks!
By - Freedomstar & Creastery™ 2009

9f'4]2ou is my Password!

Welcome to Freedomstar Tech Guide 8!

Keyloggers.... what are they and what do they do? To keep things short, they basically track all your keystrokes (yes, including passwords and credit card info), then secretly sends them to third parties. How harmful are they? Very very high. You could fall victim to identity theft. So.. protect yourself!

KeyScrambler Personal (Pro/Premium Version available too)
Developer: QFX Software

Recommended by PC World as part of 15 Great, Free Privacy Downloads.

I am NOT affiliated with QFX Software in any way. The following is for Windows ONLY.

The free "Personal" version is a free add-on to Mozilla Firefox, Flock, and Internet Explorer. Its available on the Mozilla Add-ons site however it requires a local install first so I suggest you get it from the main site, which usually has the more updated version. After installing, if it doens't automatically open Firefox and install, go to C:\Program Files\KeyScrambler or where you installed it, and drag keyscrambler.xpi into the Firefox add-ons window (or sidebar if you use AiOS).

Unlike antivirus and antispyware software, this works at the keyboard driver level to encrypt all your keystrokes then decrypts it at your browser so keyloggers in between will not see you actual keystrokes. As of Version 2.0, the free version protects all parts of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Flock.

See how a little overlay window comes up showing you the encrypted keystrokes. Thats what keyloggers would see. A meaningless string of random characters.

Very light weight and unobtrusive software at around only 1.22 MB installed. You also control where the window comes up and how it comes up or if it comes up at all.

KeyScrambler is a lightweight, non-obstrusive essential addition to your computer's security. Protect from both known and unknown keyloggers!

Make sure you use the latest version. Previous versions were known to have bugs such as excessive CPU usage in Firefox and failing to decrypt it, therefore submitting the encrypted keystrokes. I have not encountered any of these bugs in Version

KeyScrambler Pro and Premium formerly protects all parts of the browser with Premium protecting some other apps. However, as of Version 2.0, Personal protects all parts of browser, so Pro protects nearly 80 applications with Premium protecting more than 100. Comparison chart is here. Protected apps of Pro include Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, 7-Zip, Pidgin, Trillian, and much more. Premium even protects Windows Log-in and UAC (Vista and 7) Controls.

Note that even though Chrome and other Pro supported browsers is a browser, its not protected by Personal because it does not support extensions. The Pro and Premium are not add-ons. They run all day on your computer.

Remember that Mozila Add-ons often does not have the latest version. To check for updates, it should do so automatically or go to KeyScrambler options (right click on taskbar icon) and click on Options. If you disabled the icon, click on the Tools icon in the overlay window.
GREEN indicates KeyScrambler is on. YELLOW means its inactive (not in a protected application). RED indicates that you turned it off.

Once again, I am not affiliated with QFX Software in any way.

Download KeyScrambler today!

That's all folks for today! Please comment on tech as we need comments to improve on the tech guide. Thanks!
By - Freedomstar & Creastery™ 2009

Get A Browser safer than Firefox!!

Welcome to Tech Guide 7 from Freedomstar!

Security is always very important for your computer although at least 50% of web users completely disregard it.

Obviously, having up to date antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and computer updates is important (even though most people disregard this also), but that might not be enough, as certain threats can bypass security controls. So, protect yourself from security threats, both known and unknown!

All platforms supported, but Gecko (Mozilla) based browsers ONLY.

"Whats more secure than Firefox? Firefox with NoScript!!"

First, get a recent Gecko based browser such as Mozilla Firefox (recommended), Flock, or Seamonkey. Only these browsers can you install a special add-on known as NoScript. Awarded as one of the best 100 products of 2006 by PC World.

Recommended Installation Locations:
Official Mozilla Add-ons Site
NoScript Download Site

I am not affiliated with Informaction (developer of NoScript) in any way.

You may have read that the best way to stay safe from online threats is by disabling Javascript. But what does that leave you with? Nearly every single site wouldn't work properly with some not working at all. Online threats often execute through Javascript, Flash, Java, and other plugins. So how do we let Javascript run, yet still stay completely secure.

The answer is NoScript, a simple yet extremely powerful add-on. Scripts only run from trusted sites, which are those that you explicitly allow.
A side effect is that it also blocks certain ads. To fully block ads, use Adblock Plus along with an add-on to Adblock Plus known as Adblock Plus: Element Hider Helper, both of which are fully compatible with NoScript.

NoScript is the one and ONLY Clickjack and Clearclick protection available. Also known as "UI Redressing" is hiding an element behind an interface element that you trust. If you don't use a supported browser, then you're basically out of luck for protection. Click here for more info on Clickjacking and Clearclick Protection from NoScript.

You can also temporarily allow scripts for a certain domain(s) to just allow them for the current session. There is also an untrusted blacklist. Sites you add there will not be allowed to run scripts and also removes the option to allow it until it is removed from the blacklist.

Most browser exploits come from scripts and plugins, making NoScript the absolute best protection you can get in a web browser.

Nice bonus: You are invulnerable to "Rick Rolls" The concept of the "Rick Roll" doesn't directly involve this however many sites of this gives you an endless stream of dialogs and moves your window preventing you from closing it. With NoScript and the site not allowed, you are unaffected.

If you find it annoying (which you shouldn't), you can Allow Scripts Globally (not recommended) and still use the add-on for Anti-XSS, Clickjacking, and Clearclick protections as well as Force HTTPS and other useful features.

Once again, I am not affiliated with Informaction in any way.
Get a browser thats safer than Firefox today! (Requires Gecko based browser)

If you have questions, contact me in the Digsby widget in the sidebar, leaving a comment in the comments section, and/or sending an email to

Clear Up Junks from your computer

Well Hi everyone..This is Creastery™ 2009 posting a tech guide for the first time...
Okay..let's get start.NOTE: This is only available for WINDOWS USERS!

You may find your disk space getting lesser and lesser, even if you do not save any documents / files. This is because of the program and websites i should say that is causing this problem.

Reason: Web browser tends to let the "useless"(*Note: I say useless as it may not be useful after you visited the sites.) files on your drive. Cookies and some junks are left there.

Just a note before we continue...please follow the instructions below to download.

Click the picture below to download the newest version of CCleaner.
CCleaner - Freeware Windows Optimization

Click the picture below to visit CCleaner official website.
CCleaner - Freeware Windows Optimization

Okay let's start. You have to download it before you follow the steps.
For now, I presume that you have downloaded it with the newest version. (It will prompt you if you do not have the latest version and will ask you to update.)

First, click on the picture below to launch the application: CCleaner.
If you have change the default installation destination, please open it up yourself instead of clicking on it. It will link to C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe.
Copy paste the link then press the start menu and the run function. Insert the link.
It should be loading by now...

Next, you will see something like this:

Now, let me explain the different functions. To what applications you have, it will be included in the clearing list. By default, under the sub-header (Windows), you can see some unchecked boxes. Some of them are NOT RECOMMENDED.

1) Start Menu Shortcuts
If you are someone who uses the start menu to open applications, PLEASE DO NOT CHECK THIS BOX! This will PERMANENTLY clear ALL the shortcuts there. Eg. I have:

Okay...Please do not ask me why I play MapleStory, Warcraft, whatever applications I have...And the next moment when you click Run Cleaner and this box is tick, ALL GONE AWAY!

2) Destop shortcuts...
Usually people do not tick this one (even the default) as I do have quite a bit of shortcuts on my destop...and the next moment when you click Run Cleaner and this box is tick, ALL GONE AWAY!

3) Advance
For god sake, only if you are advance, handle with care.

Let's move on to the applications.
Usually all the box of data will be ticked except for browsers like Firefox and Chrome, etc. (Saved data will not be removed unless ticked.) This clears ALL the useless data.

For people who play games using flash player, I do not advise you to clear data for Flash. This is because saved data will be removed. Example you are playing a game and you are finishing it, suddenly you did this clean up and your saved data is gone. So I will teach you how to clear it instead waiting for it to clean.

Open up "My Computer". Then in the address bar, insert this:
C:\Documents and Settings\-----------YOUR NAME HERE------------\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects
You may see a few folders. Usually the default is 1. So I shall start with 1.

Click the folder.
Now decide whether your games saved data is important. (Some games played are useless..)
Example the file name is , common sense tells you to delete the folder.
Do so for all. If you find anything that you are not sure, please consult us or visit to see the rating of the site. (Top right corner of the page.)
You may see a folder called localhost.
Take note: This means the file has run on your computer. NOT THE NET!

If you need anymore help, consult us or visit
Remember: If you want to know what files will be deleted, click analysis first. Then run cleaner if it is all right with you. If you do not take much care of your computer, you may have more than 10GB of junk cleared in the process...(The highest I saw was 27GB, please don't disappoint me by beating it!)

All the best!

In my next post (Not Freedomstar's post..), I will include the next software "Defraggler" and my next's next post I will include another software "Recuva".
All programs are proudly created by Piriform™.