Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The "Cool" Way to Browse Media

The "Cool" way to browse Media, known as Cooliris, is now better than ever with Local file support (as of Version 1.10 released April 13, 2009)!

Download/Install here (browser detection).
List of all versions and browsers here.

Mozilla Add-ons Site Download/Install
Please be advised that the Mozilla Add-ons site often does not have the latest version.

Browsers and Platforms Supported:
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (Windows) (.xpi)
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (Mac) (.xpi)
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (Windows) (.xpi)
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (Mac) (.xpi)
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (Linux) (.xpi)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+ (Windows) (.msi)
Safari (Mac) (.zip)

What is Cooliris?
Its an add-on that lets you browse images and other media in an interactive full screen 3D wall. Now, you can also browse local files stored on your hard drive from within the 3D wall. To launch, simply click on the button created by the add-on or a button that appears when mousing over an image on a supported site, like Google Images, YouTube, or Facebook.

Once you click that, enjoy the full screen 3D wall of images, videos, web clips, local files, and more!

Search results, Facebook, Discover News Feeds from various sources, Local files, shopping, sharing, and more. When you click on an image, the add-on will load a clear preview of it. When you click on a video, you will be able to watch it right there (except those that do not allow embedding videos). Even watch a slideshow of the media with both video and images.

Version 1.10 adds support for Linux and adds local file browsing.

Note: This add-on was previously called PicLens.

Download and Install Cooliris here.

Next time, I will introduce "Cool Previews," another "cool" add-on by Cooliris Inc.

That's all folks for today! Please comment on tech as we need comments to improve on the tech guide. Thanks!
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