Wednesday, April 15, 2009

9f'4]2ou is my Password!

Welcome to Freedomstar Tech Guide 8!

Keyloggers.... what are they and what do they do? To keep things short, they basically track all your keystrokes (yes, including passwords and credit card info), then secretly sends them to third parties. How harmful are they? Very very high. You could fall victim to identity theft. So.. protect yourself!

KeyScrambler Personal (Pro/Premium Version available too)
Developer: QFX Software

Recommended by PC World as part of 15 Great, Free Privacy Downloads.

I am NOT affiliated with QFX Software in any way. The following is for Windows ONLY.

The free "Personal" version is a free add-on to Mozilla Firefox, Flock, and Internet Explorer. Its available on the Mozilla Add-ons site however it requires a local install first so I suggest you get it from the main site, which usually has the more updated version. After installing, if it doens't automatically open Firefox and install, go to C:\Program Files\KeyScrambler or where you installed it, and drag keyscrambler.xpi into the Firefox add-ons window (or sidebar if you use AiOS).

Unlike antivirus and antispyware software, this works at the keyboard driver level to encrypt all your keystrokes then decrypts it at your browser so keyloggers in between will not see you actual keystrokes. As of Version 2.0, the free version protects all parts of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Flock.

See how a little overlay window comes up showing you the encrypted keystrokes. Thats what keyloggers would see. A meaningless string of random characters.

Very light weight and unobtrusive software at around only 1.22 MB installed. You also control where the window comes up and how it comes up or if it comes up at all.

KeyScrambler is a lightweight, non-obstrusive essential addition to your computer's security. Protect from both known and unknown keyloggers!

Make sure you use the latest version. Previous versions were known to have bugs such as excessive CPU usage in Firefox and failing to decrypt it, therefore submitting the encrypted keystrokes. I have not encountered any of these bugs in Version

KeyScrambler Pro and Premium formerly protects all parts of the browser with Premium protecting some other apps. However, as of Version 2.0, Personal protects all parts of browser, so Pro protects nearly 80 applications with Premium protecting more than 100. Comparison chart is here. Protected apps of Pro include Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, 7-Zip, Pidgin, Trillian, and much more. Premium even protects Windows Log-in and UAC (Vista and 7) Controls.

Note that even though Chrome and other Pro supported browsers is a browser, its not protected by Personal because it does not support extensions. The Pro and Premium are not add-ons. They run all day on your computer.

Remember that Mozila Add-ons often does not have the latest version. To check for updates, it should do so automatically or go to KeyScrambler options (right click on taskbar icon) and click on Options. If you disabled the icon, click on the Tools icon in the overlay window.
GREEN indicates KeyScrambler is on. YELLOW means its inactive (not in a protected application). RED indicates that you turned it off.

Once again, I am not affiliated with QFX Software in any way.

Download KeyScrambler today!

That's all folks for today! Please comment on tech as we need comments to improve on the tech guide. Thanks!
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