Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WinTechpedia Software Pack

Hello all! You may have remembered our recent post on 11 recommended software. Thanks for InstallPad, the download process can be easier.

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No products here were created by us. We simply put together our own AppList for InstallPad.

Windows 32-bit only.
Most software will function in 64-bit, however some especially Sandboxie will not while others like 7-Zip require an alternate installer.

To start, download the file from the links below. We compressed it into a 7z Self Extracting Archive (.exe). Simply double click on the file and choose where to extract to. Then run InstallPad.exe. Administrative privileges are required. After you are done selecting you want, click Install.

Download Links:
Download (MediaFire)

This pack we created offers Mozilla Firefox, Digsby*, Google Earth**, Pidgin, CCleaner, 7-Zip, Revo Uninstaller, Sandboxie, VirtualBox, and OpenOffice.org***. Adobe Flash ActiveX/plugins have also been included.

*The Digsby installer is the offline installer, not the InstallIQ one with the offers.
**This is a Google Earth standalone installer and does not include Google Updater.
***OpenOffice.org Office Suite is a large download so it may take a while.

We are unable to add some products like Google Chrome to it as it requires agreeing to the EULA first.
We have removed MalwareBytes shortly after posting this because the long CNET link was not accepted by InstallPad.
We have removed VLC Media Player shortly after posting this because InstallPad failed to download it.
If you encountered a download error with anything inside the pack, please let us know.

We will be adding a lot more software to the pack soon. What would you like to suggest to be in this pack? Leave your comments here.


  1. thanks! u've included all the essential things! great job dude! :)

  2. By The Way..our new package will be included in the downloads page in wintechpedia.co.cc