Friday, June 5, 2009

Wolfram|Alpha: Knowledge Engine

Ever need to get some information right there without having to deal with millions of search results to sites you never heard about. For example, I want to know about tides in New York. So what do I do. I head on over to a search engine like Google and type in Tides New York. Woah! Tides Restaurant? Tides Seafood? Hundreds of results. None actually tell me about the tides in New York.

Wolfram|Alpha, a new service, is here to help change all that. I try my search again. Hey. There are graphs, charts, and everything I need to know, including when high tide and low tide are today and tomorrow. Now that wasn’t so hard? While you could be spending hours on Google or a similar search engine, Wolfram Alpha cuts that time to less than a minute.

There are lots more cool features of Wolfram Alpha like factoring. Enter your equation or just the problem and it will factor it for you including give you possible values for the variable as well as the graph, and much more.

Try searching “pi” It gives you a bunch of digits with a More Digits button. Keep pressing to keep getting more digits! It also gives you a lot of other information about pi also.

That’s not all. There are a lot more things it helps you do. Searches come in real time as the system processes your search term and calculates all the data right there.

Its fairly new and more features are constantly being added.

Click here to go to Wolfram|Alpha Home Page

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