Saturday, April 18, 2009

Merge Your Browser Tabs

How many browsers do YOU use? Ever wanted to have a certain tab run in virtually any other installed browser without having to install anything? A feature I just discovered was here the whole time. Try dragging say, a Firefox tab, into Google Chrome. Or try dragging a Chrome tab (must drag the star icon in this case) into Firefox tab bar. Neat eh? Here's a short video demo showing this always existent feature.

In Google Chrome, you need to drag the bookmark star.
In Safari, you need to drag the favicon in the URL bar.
In IE, you need to drag the favicon in the URL bar.
In Firefox, you can choose either the URL or drag the tab*

*I did not test this in Firefox 3.5 yet. The new browser adds drag and drop tabs and detachable tabs which may disable merging through dragging the tab, therefore only working by dragging the favicon.

This doesn't seem to work in Opera.

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