Thursday, April 9, 2009

Profile (Contributor) - Creastery™ 2009

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MyWOT Profile

Gender: Male
Country: Singapore (Sg/S'pore)
Age Group: Teenagers
Ranking: Co-Founder of WinTechPedia™ 2009.

A young teenager who likes to give tech tips.
Knows HTML,CSS,Flash,Photoshop,C++, a little bit of javascript.

"No one is perfect - That's why pencils have erasers. Therefore, if you find anything at our blog is inappropriate, please inform us using the available chat boxes." - Creastery™

Upcoming Events:
Mid-Year Examinations
-Food and Nutrition (Home Economics)
-Science (Biology,Physics,Chemistry)

Relaxation weeks after EXAMINATIONS~!

- Would not be really online these few days to cope with the examinations.
- Trying very hard to help out at this blog.

- To attract more than 10,000 visitors to come to our blog which also find useful tips.
- To be more active at the blog to have more daily posts.

Changes to be made at the blog:
- Announcements (Whenever possible)
- Finding more contributors
- Making contributors forms