Thursday, April 9, 2009

Techpedia Daily 1: Speed Firefox Search

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Mozilla Firefox inline search is great, highlight a search term, right click, and there in the context menu is the button to click to search the current search engine in the search box for that term. But you're quite limited to one engine. To use another, you need to switch engines from the search box. Heres how to make the task faster.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
has incorporated a new feature known as "Accelerators," which lets you search for text with a choice of many engines inline without leaving your page. Now how about Firefox?

A new add-on known as Kallout gives this same feature to Firefox will full IE8 Accelerator support coming soon. Simply install Kallout from Mozilla Add-ons, restart, and you're good to go! Highlight any term, phrase, even paragraph, then a button with a blue bubble appears. Simply mouse over that, and you get a wide organized range of services and engines to search from. The first on the menu (not organized into a menu) is the default engine in your search bar. I would like to point out that currently, this might not function properly on Blogger.
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