Thursday, April 9, 2009

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Gender: Male
Country: United States of America (USA)
State: New York (NY)
City: New York City (NYC)
Age Group: Teenagers
Ranking: Founder of WinTechpedia

About Me:
Hello! I am a junior high/high school student. I fully stand by many open source software products, including Mozilla Firefox and Ubuntu. I created this blog because I previously enjoyed blogging about tech. It all started when I was invited to write for Tech Hunter blog by my friends. This was also inspired by Lifehacker.

I have no idea where I came up with my usernames from but most of mine are always Freedomstar or a variation of it. You might be able to find me around on some sites. Feel free to visit some of my main web profiles by clicking on links above.

I run Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 and Windows 7 RC primarily.
I also run Ubuntu 9.04, Windows XP Professional SP3, Kubuntu, and OpenSolaris via Sun VirtualBox.

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